I am Kay Adkins and my partner in crime is Andrew. We are both 50 years old and live in the less than exciting East Midlands. We are pretty ordinary, you know the type of thing….we work stupid hours, we have a mortgage, we have a dog etc, etc. We don’t have any children of our own but we do have plenty of them in and around our life.

I suppose we do go a little away from the norm in the fact that we have two businesses  – one in manufacturing and one based in training and education – but I also have a job as well working as a Safeguarding & Welfare Officer in a professional football club. We are incredibly lucky to still have both sets of parents and, although they may argue this point, they are pretty well for their age.

Life is a little hectic for hobbies but we both enjoy going for a walk and, for now,  we have a caravan (it is for sale though so it may not be part of our lives for much longer). In the past I have been very involved in the equestrian world and Andrew loves motor bikes and cars. I have also done plenty of cycling and triathlons in the past but these are not possible for me at the moment. We have recently started to do a bit of Clay Pigeon Shooting and hopefully this will become something we can keep doing. I am also a volunteer with the National Trust and just love being a Room Guide at the magnificent Hardwick Hall.

I did the whole education thing and I have a degree in Human Movement Studies (translation – Sports Science) and I am a qualified PE Teacher. Andrew often quips that he only has a Swimming Certificate but he is now Managing Director of Regal Paints Limited which is a successful family business so he does OK.

I suppose the other thing to mention is that I have something called Psoriatic Arthritis (in the same family as Rheumatoid) which continues to be a ‘challenge’ in my life. It is a large part of what has brought me to this point but it isn’t everything.


E mail – midlifemollie@gmail.com


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