Day 14 – No Limits

‘Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imagination, our possibilities are limitless.’ Jamie Paolinetti

lf Mrs Doyle is dead, why was I hungry this afternoon? If I am honest, there was some real hunger but as I sit here reflecting from the comfort of a Sweet Vanilla Shake, I think I was having a craving.  Bizarrely, or perhaps not, I was craving
eating a delicious salad with avocado and walnuts. As the point of this ‘Boot up the Jacksie’ phase is to reset my body and mind this craving is perhaps a positive sign that I am heading in the right direction but it didn’t make for a pleasant couple of hours.


Advice from the Juice Master to help you through this 28 day juice fest is to read books, blogs, articles and watch programmes which affirm positive messages. The advice goes on to say ‘detox’ from TV so the adverts don’t set you off wanting to go back to the ‘old ways’. I would the definitely recommend the former but I am not sure how realistic it is to stay away from all the messages coming through all sorts of media and to be honest, we don’t watch many things with adverts in our humble abode – the worst I get is Klingon Blood Wine on Deep Space Nine! Not particularly tempting.

Klingon Blood Wine

I guess the idea of a complete detox from everything is great but unless you take yourself off to a retreat, it is probably best to be ready to face the demons of the TV…… Quick Note: to anyone in the UK, it is probably best to avoid Saturday Kitchen.


Anyway, I have done it, 14 days. All I have to do now is repeat! No problem eh…. No Limits remember. I am going to weigh in tomorrow  – I know the ‘book’ and the coaching videos say don’t do it but I find it motivational – whatever the result. Each to her own eh!

Before I leave, no I didn’t forget the exercise – it was another Dottie Power Walk.


Quick Review of the Juices:

Oxygen Elixir (Thickie or Smoothie) – See Day 8 for the review.

Energy Explosion (Thinnie or Juice) – See Day 7 for the review

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.

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