Day 12 – Death, Falling Trousers & Evangelical Vegetables

‘When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy’. They told me I didn’ t understand the assignment, I told them they didn’t understand life.’  John Lennon

Come to the light Checkout Operators!

Don’t get me started on what is the purpose of education in schools but a quick summary of my views would be, to prepare us to be the drones of the future and to get us to accept our ‘lot’ in life which we shouldn’ t expect to contain much
happiness. Don’ t get me wrong. I love learning and I think great educators are vital but the whole system is not designed around happiness, well not here in the western world anyway. Still, I am slowly learning to unlearn a whole way of thinking in order to live a much more positive life but as you can see from my occational rants, it is a work in progress.

Something which really seems to be going in the right direction though is the re-training of my brain to see food and drink as a reward. Today was Friday which, as you would expect, included Friday night, my bete noire! However,
it would appear Mrs Doyle is, at worst, is in a deep coma (I won ‘t be able to pronounce her truly dead until Christmas has passed ). I didn’t even have/want an SOS tonight so I am very pleased.


I did Mrs Doyle, I did!

There was also another great occurrence today. My PJ bottoms just fell to my ankles!


I was stood at the juicer, my particularly fetching Union Jack one, feeding it with fruit and vegetables, when they just fell to the floor without warning! This garment
was snug at the start of all this so something must be happening. Can I remind anyone following this, not that there are many of you, that a key reason for me doing this is to lose weight because, after much reading and research, I am convinced that my fat cells are shoving out chemicals which make my psoriatic arthritis worse. If I didn’ t have the arthritis, I would probably do a 14 day ‘cleanse’ at most but as I have a health issue which is not really respond­ing to pharmacology, so I have chosen (as Jason would say) the ‘Bad Boy’, so I have just over two more weeks to go before the next stage – more of this nearer the time.


Alex Apple – on a mission?

You will also be pleased to know that I have pre-emted ‘applegate’ by going into the shop myself! I am SO pleased that the shop I use has ‘Scan and Shop’. The look on the checkout person’s face when you put 50 apples, 10 pears, 10 lemons through, never mind the huge bags of kale and spinach, is always priceless. Perhaps I should return to this method of paying as I could turn into an evangelical ‘Juicer’ trying to convert the shop staff!

Off to plan more exercise into my life now- achy Saturday here we come!

Quick Review of the Juices:

Pure Raw Energy Smoothie (Thickie or Smoothie) – See Day 2 for the review (I love this one).

Calcium Refresher (Thinnie or Juice) – It does what it is says on the tin, it is refreshing. To be honest, any of these green Thinnies which have a shot of lemon are incredible. This one also had mint and turnip in it – would you think to mix those two?

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.

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