Day 9 – Belief

‘Believe you can and you’re half way there.’ Theodore Roosevelt

I am not a great one for religion but these churches (etc) are on to something when it comes to harnessing belief.IMG_0339

If you have a strong belief something will work, it often does but you really have to believe not just hope. I really believe in what I am doing will be ultimately successful even though after nine days of juicing I am still in a fair old amount of pain. There are some significant changes already though and one of the best is that I definitely feel like I have more energy. This week I have three 12 hour days to contend with and I am due to work on Saturday afternoon and, for the first time in a while, it doesn’t feel daunting. On top of that, my clothes are definitely beginning to feel looser. Perhaps my first reward to myself will be a new belt?

I managed to get a walk in with the Dottie Dog this morning which was a bonus but exercise it still a problem – too much work not only makes Midlife Mollie a dull girl, it also makes her unfit!

Quick Review of the Juices:

Protein Rich Powerhouse (Thickie or Smoothie) – See Day 1 for the review (think I am getting it now though as, although today’s was thick it wasn’t as gloopy as last week).


Digestive Aid (Thinnie or Juice) – See Day 3 for the review (Still not the bright yellow I am encouraged to believe it should be!)

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.

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