Day 11 – Fear….its just 28 days

‘Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear.’ George Adair

I know some of the Super Juicers on the movie said they were frightened of what was in front of them but to be honest, I am not sure I could honestly say that what I am doing is in anyway frightening, it is just mentally tough at times. Perhaps there are scary Fruit?


Evil Apple

Formal exercise has entered my ‘Boot up the Jacksie’ today because after nearly 3 months, I have at last managed to get the gym induction for the Health Referral programme I was offered about 5 months ago. I get why an operation might have a 5 month waiting time but to get an appointment at a Leisure Centre???

Anyway, I am with it (the programme) now and all my statistic were OK i.e. Blood pressure etc and I was allowed to walk on a treadmill for 3 minutes, go on a bike for the same and, wait for it…. go on the cross trainer for a further 3 minutes. I was then shown some weight training exercises which were quite good. I am pleased that I had walked the dog before going….. think I am going to increase the cardio times up a little bit more (without the bossy but friendly instructor noticing) when I start my regular attendance from next week. I should say though, I loved being back in the gym and I loved the shower afterwards even more (10 months without a shower in the house is beginning to affect me mentally but more of this at another time…. oh and we do have a bath so I haven’t gone native!).


I wasn’t in a bad place today, the thickies and thinnies were OK (actually the Thickie was a bit Thinnie but….), I had a busy day not thinking about food but none the less, I was hungry by the time I got home at 22.15 so I did have a ‘Juice in a Bar’ SOS. Just a note Mr Vale – it wasn’t my Junkie Food Terrorist as I have killed her now, it was definitely hunger!


Fibre Optics (Thickie or Smoothie) – See Day 6 for the review. It was a bit too much like a Thinnie. When banana is the thickener, the Smoothies are often tasty but not as thick and creamy.

Chlorophyll Cleanser (Thinnie or Juice) – See Day 2 for the review.

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.


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