Day 14 – No Limits

‘Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imagination, our possibilities are limitless.’ Jamie Paolinetti

lf Mrs Doyle is dead, why was I hungry this afternoon? If I am honest, there was some real hunger but as I sit here reflecting from the comfort of a Sweet Vanilla Shake, I think I was having a craving.  Bizarrely, or perhaps not, I was craving
eating a delicious salad with avocado and walnuts. As the point of this ‘Boot up the Jacksie’ phase is to reset my body and mind this craving is perhaps a positive sign that I am heading in the right direction but it didn’t make for a pleasant couple of hours.


Advice from the Juice Master to help you through this 28 day juice fest is to read books, blogs, articles and watch programmes which affirm positive messages. The advice goes on to say ‘detox’ from TV so the adverts don’t set you off wanting to go back to the ‘old ways’. I would the definitely recommend the former but I am not sure how realistic it is to stay away from all the messages coming through all sorts of media and to be honest, we don’t watch many things with adverts in our humble abode – the worst I get is Klingon Blood Wine on Deep Space Nine! Not particularly tempting.

Klingon Blood Wine

I guess the idea of a complete detox from everything is great but unless you take yourself off to a retreat, it is probably best to be ready to face the demons of the TV…… Quick Note: to anyone in the UK, it is probably best to avoid Saturday Kitchen.


Anyway, I have done it, 14 days. All I have to do now is repeat! No problem eh…. No Limits remember. I am going to weigh in tomorrow  – I know the ‘book’ and the coaching videos say don’t do it but I find it motivational – whatever the result. Each to her own eh!

Before I leave, no I didn’t forget the exercise – it was another Dottie Power Walk.


Quick Review of the Juices:

Oxygen Elixir (Thickie or Smoothie) – See Day 8 for the review.

Energy Explosion (Thinnie or Juice) – See Day 7 for the review

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.

Day 13 – An Interesting Life

‘Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life interesting.’ Joshua J. Marine

My challenge today was a Cheese and Onion Sandwich but more of that later…..

Plastic Cheese

In the part of the world and the part of the country I live in it is traditional to be negative about most things, you know the kind of thing ‘Oh you have lost weight but it won’t last, you will put all back on’ or ‘I have had a pay rise but the government will take it all off me so what is the point!’ If we can find a negative view on a situation in these parts we do!

So one of the things I am working on is positivity. This is quite easy for me compared to many of my fellow locals because I am generally a ‘glass half full’ kinda gal but even for me some days can be a challenge, after all of the years of indoctrination. You are thinking at this point that today has been a tough one for me but you would be wrong. I have begun, what I see as the second phase of this 28 day quest and that is introducing exercise as a large and important part of my life. I love exercising it is just sometimes quite tough for me, when my body is screaming in pain, to push my body out of the door.

Dottie Dog took me out for a true ‘blowing the cobwebs’ type of walk! It was:

a. blowing a gale and

b. rapid (included a bit of power walking)

I then added a second 30 minutes of exercise (as per the instructions in Super Juice Me!) and I went swimming which was wonderful even if my left knee was a little vocal! Whether I will be able to keep up 2 x 30mins of exercise up everyday is up for debate, in fact it is unlikely either my body or my timetable will allow for this but I will do something which ensures my heart rate goes up, other than sitting in endless traffic shouting at other drivers.Frustrated Driver

I did have a challenge this evening. I went to a meeting (I know a bit weird for a Saturday) and then we went to the pub with our friends. It was great too see everyone, it seems an age since we caught up but social situations can be something to be ‘faced’. To be honest, it was easier than I thought. I often drive when we go out, so drinking water wasn’t a problem but when the pub put out the most unhealthy sandwiches after the quiz, the smell of the cheese and onion nearly sent me over the edge! The look of them helped though, white bread with plastic cheese (and I am sure covered in emulsified margarine) put me off – when I thought about it, it was the onion I was craving, so the signs are good for the future.


It didn’t help that I didn’t get my 19.00 Smoothie so I was missing a meal so by the time I got home (0.30) I was pretty ravenous. Just for the record, I had a ‘Juice in a Bar’ before bed. Never has anything tasted so good.

Quick Review of the Juices:

Sweet ‘n’ Smooth Veggie Blend (Thickie or Smoothie) – See Day 3 for the review.

Breath of Fresh Air (Thinnie or Juice) – See Day 1 for the review

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.


Day 12 – Death, Falling Trousers & Evangelical Vegetables

‘When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy’. They told me I didn’ t understand the assignment, I told them they didn’t understand life.’  John Lennon

Come to the light Checkout Operators!

Don’t get me started on what is the purpose of education in schools but a quick summary of my views would be, to prepare us to be the drones of the future and to get us to accept our ‘lot’ in life which we shouldn’ t expect to contain much
happiness. Don’ t get me wrong. I love learning and I think great educators are vital but the whole system is not designed around happiness, well not here in the western world anyway. Still, I am slowly learning to unlearn a whole way of thinking in order to live a much more positive life but as you can see from my occational rants, it is a work in progress.

Something which really seems to be going in the right direction though is the re-training of my brain to see food and drink as a reward. Today was Friday which, as you would expect, included Friday night, my bete noire! However,
it would appear Mrs Doyle is, at worst, is in a deep coma (I won ‘t be able to pronounce her truly dead until Christmas has passed ). I didn’t even have/want an SOS tonight so I am very pleased.


I did Mrs Doyle, I did!

There was also another great occurrence today. My PJ bottoms just fell to my ankles!


I was stood at the juicer, my particularly fetching Union Jack one, feeding it with fruit and vegetables, when they just fell to the floor without warning! This garment
was snug at the start of all this so something must be happening. Can I remind anyone following this, not that there are many of you, that a key reason for me doing this is to lose weight because, after much reading and research, I am convinced that my fat cells are shoving out chemicals which make my psoriatic arthritis worse. If I didn’ t have the arthritis, I would probably do a 14 day ‘cleanse’ at most but as I have a health issue which is not really respond­ing to pharmacology, so I have chosen (as Jason would say) the ‘Bad Boy’, so I have just over two more weeks to go before the next stage – more of this nearer the time.


Alex Apple – on a mission?

You will also be pleased to know that I have pre-emted ‘applegate’ by going into the shop myself! I am SO pleased that the shop I use has ‘Scan and Shop’. The look on the checkout person’s face when you put 50 apples, 10 pears, 10 lemons through, never mind the huge bags of kale and spinach, is always priceless. Perhaps I should return to this method of paying as I could turn into an evangelical ‘Juicer’ trying to convert the shop staff!

Off to plan more exercise into my life now- achy Saturday here we come!

Quick Review of the Juices:

Pure Raw Energy Smoothie (Thickie or Smoothie) – See Day 2 for the review (I love this one).

Calcium Refresher (Thinnie or Juice) – It does what it is says on the tin, it is refreshing. To be honest, any of these green Thinnies which have a shot of lemon are incredible. This one also had mint and turnip in it – would you think to mix those two?

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.

Day 11 – Fear….its just 28 days

‘Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear.’ George Adair

I know some of the Super Juicers on the movie said they were frightened of what was in front of them but to be honest, I am not sure I could honestly say that what I am doing is in anyway frightening, it is just mentally tough at times. Perhaps there are scary Fruit?


Evil Apple

Formal exercise has entered my ‘Boot up the Jacksie’ today because after nearly 3 months, I have at last managed to get the gym induction for the Health Referral programme I was offered about 5 months ago. I get why an operation might have a 5 month waiting time but to get an appointment at a Leisure Centre???

Anyway, I am with it (the programme) now and all my statistic were OK i.e. Blood pressure etc and I was allowed to walk on a treadmill for 3 minutes, go on a bike for the same and, wait for it…. go on the cross trainer for a further 3 minutes. I was then shown some weight training exercises which were quite good. I am pleased that I had walked the dog before going….. think I am going to increase the cardio times up a little bit more (without the bossy but friendly instructor noticing) when I start my regular attendance from next week. I should say though, I loved being back in the gym and I loved the shower afterwards even more (10 months without a shower in the house is beginning to affect me mentally but more of this at another time…. oh and we do have a bath so I haven’t gone native!).


I wasn’t in a bad place today, the thickies and thinnies were OK (actually the Thickie was a bit Thinnie but….), I had a busy day not thinking about food but none the less, I was hungry by the time I got home at 22.15 so I did have a ‘Juice in a Bar’ SOS. Just a note Mr Vale – it wasn’t my Junkie Food Terrorist as I have killed her now, it was definitely hunger!


Fibre Optics (Thickie or Smoothie) – See Day 6 for the review. It was a bit too much like a Thinnie. When banana is the thickener, the Smoothies are often tasty but not as thick and creamy.

Chlorophyll Cleanser (Thinnie or Juice) – See Day 2 for the review.

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.


Day 9 – Belief

‘Believe you can and you’re half way there.’ Theodore Roosevelt

I am not a great one for religion but these churches (etc) are on to something when it comes to harnessing belief.IMG_0339

If you have a strong belief something will work, it often does but you really have to believe not just hope. I really believe in what I am doing will be ultimately successful even though after nine days of juicing I am still in a fair old amount of pain. There are some significant changes already though and one of the best is that I definitely feel like I have more energy. This week I have three 12 hour days to contend with and I am due to work on Saturday afternoon and, for the first time in a while, it doesn’t feel daunting. On top of that, my clothes are definitely beginning to feel looser. Perhaps my first reward to myself will be a new belt?

I managed to get a walk in with the Dottie Dog this morning which was a bonus but exercise it still a problem – too much work not only makes Midlife Mollie a dull girl, it also makes her unfit!

Quick Review of the Juices:

Protein Rich Powerhouse (Thickie or Smoothie) – See Day 1 for the review (think I am getting it now though as, although today’s was thick it wasn’t as gloopy as last week).


Digestive Aid (Thinnie or Juice) – See Day 3 for the review (Still not the bright yellow I am encouraged to believe it should be!)

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.

Day 8 – Definitely Saying Something

‘There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.’ Aristotle

I am not going to be quiet about this anymore. I have struggled with weight for many years, in truth, probably since I was a teenager. I wasn’t overweight at that point but I was incredibly active for many years, studying sport at university and being around farms tend to keep you in the ‘Healthy Weight’ bracket. However, injuries, operations, stress and then the arthritis have all had an impact. I know I go on about this a bit but the advice given by those who supposedly know what is the right thing to do (not given to me directly but what I read/ hear about in the media) e.g. the NHS and the lack of support about this area of my health is shockingly bad. Now I know that it is up to me, it is my responsibility and no one else’s to sort this out so I am going to shout that I don’t think what the ‘establishment’ pushes out (when it makes the effort to do anything) is right.


I know you will be saying ‘it isn’t healthy to lose weight quickly’, ‘how do you get your protein?’ etc but please find me the true scientific evidence that I will not be OK living of just fruit and vegetables for 28 days. I am not going to go into all of the data that I have researched because it would probably bore most people silly but here is a question? Why is OK for those who have bariatric surgery to go on a very restrictive diet but I can’t (not that this is anywhere near as restrictive) have juice for a month.

Dancin Minion

Anyway after that rant, the good news is I have lost 9 lbs over the past week. It means I am on track for 28 lbs in 4 weeks so why am I feeling so down and frustrated. I have just had one of ‘the days’ which are just tough. I think I am beginning to learn the difference between when pain is a motivation and when it is just so all encompassing, it just sucks the life blood out of you. Instead of coping with any small issue, you just don’t and it is difficult to move past it.

I held fast with the fast though, you will be pleased to know. In darker moments, I tell myself that this phase of my life is just like taking a treatment at hospital but instead of taking drugs I am taking fruit and vegetables.

Quick Review of the Juices:

Oxygen Elixia (Thickie or Smoothie) – It cannot go wrong as it has apples, beetroot and it is thickened by my favourite thickener, the mighty avocado. It was satisfying, creamy and delicious.


Mineral Medicine (Thinnie or Juice) – See Day 4 for the review.

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.

Day 7 – I am right!

‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!’ Henry Ford

Ouch, ouch. ouch! I am in agony so whatever good this regime is doing, it isn’t having a positive effect on the arthritis YET. Despite the pain, I am remaining strong, perhaps it is because of it. Almost every day there is something coming out about the effect of obesity an arthritis so I can’ t give up.


I made all the juices for the next two days – little ‘miss organised’ eh! I know that I won’ t have time to make them, or more importantly clean the juicer over the next couple of days and the key to success is being organised. Having said that (admission coming up), I managed to have Sunday’s juices on Saturday and Saturday’s juices on Sunday. I am sure it is not critical and in no way had any effect. I did have my first SOS, a ‘Juice in a Bar’ this evening. I am not sure I really needed it but I wanted to have a bit of something extra – not really sure why.


We went for a walk by the coast this afternoon. It is a bit of a drive (over 2hrs) but it just restores the soul (if I had one). It was so still and peaceful before Ophelia (a hurricane) hits tomorrow. It was glorious. It must be fantastic to live near the coast, I and being by the sea is so restorative. Being outside must be good for you?


Looking forward to the results of the first week and to being in less pain. I have taken my Humira (adalimumab) injection a day early to try and get on top of the pain as it is beginning to be overwhelming. Signing off on Day 7 – I COMPLETED A WEEK- yeahhhh!

Quick Review of the Juices:

Green Zesty Super Smoothie (Thickie or Smoothie) – Another delicious and filling Smoothie. This is very vegetable based but still tastes sweet. What a way to start the day!

Energy Explosion (Thinnie or Juice) – My heart (and taste buds) are loving this but my brain is still questioning how broccoli and pineapple go so well together. It doesn’t have a great colour – it matched the North Sea Water on the East Coast but I certainly know which one I prefer.

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.

Day 6 – Decisions, Decisions

‘I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions.’ Steven Covey

I did it. I made it past Friday night and I feel I have stepped over a barrier with ease. I have decided to get better so, onwards and upwards, as they say. So enthused was I about life this morning that I managed to do a pile of things before I headed off to Hardwick Hall (where I annoy visitors as a volunteer room guide some Saturdays).


However, there was danger in my ‘efficiency’ – Applegate was about to occur! Patting myself on the back I was, I thought I had saved time by ordering my shopping using ‘click and collect’ but some how I managed to miss apples and spinach off the order. I can’t tell you the horror which flooded through my body as I realised I had no apples. It is bizzare that in just a week, I have become so reliant on apples! The poor man who was helping me put my groceries in the car must have thought he had got a real strange one – an almost hysterical, podgy women so concerned because she hadn’t got forty (40!) Golden Delicious Apples.


The rest of the day passed without too much more drama, although I reckon Mrs Doyle (my Junky Food Terrorist) had been meddling with the rotas as my first room to supervise was ‘Below Stairs’ or to you and me, the kitchen, with its display of a fine afternoon tea ‘ready to be served’ – ‘Ahhh Go on, go on. go on…’ she tempted but I don’t have too much of a sweet tooth so the temptation was easily dealt with, that and the fact that the cakes were all about three months old!

On a less positive note, the ‘Arfer’ is really ramping up, I am well and truely in flair. My left thumb is agony, and I mean ‘AGONY’. At the moment, the pain is motivational – I don’ t want life to feel like this so I will keep slurping on the juice!

Arthritis Man

Before I go if you want to keep self development moving forward for yourself, you could do a lot worse than dipping into ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Steven R. Covey.

Quick Review of the Juices:

Fibre Optics (Thickie or Smoothie) – This looks bright yellow on the App, so inviting but mine came out a bit of a yucky brown. It has a pear and apple base with carrot. It also has a bit of basil and ginger, to give it a kick. It was fine but nowhere near as ‘thick’ as some of the avocado smoothies.

The Diuretic One (Thinnie or Juice) – A great juice, very refreshing which probably comes from the lemon (I really don’t like lime which should be in it). It does what it says on the tin though and can send you running regularly to remove excess liquid from your body!

Tahini Cocoa Beaney (Thickie or Smoothie) – This is a treat ‘Thickie’ and has 500mls of almond milk. I used the bought variety this time but making almond milk is really easy. It also has cocoa, banana and manuka honey and it was a lovely treat for Saturday afternoon.

Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.

Day 5 – Learning Chinese

‘The best day to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.’ Chinese Proverb

There is never a good time or a bad time to start on a health journey. There is always some excuse not to start today, or if you have started an excuse to stop because now  isn’ t the right time. Well if ever I am going to jump ship, Friday night is it and today included, Friday night!

Food Demon

I don’ t know about you but Friday night has been treat night in our household. It is the one night when work is banned, calories don’t count and there is no such thing as a unit of alcohol, it just comes in glasses of red wine doesn’t it! It is the time when the week is allowed to flow away, whether it has been good or bad! I was aware of this being a first big hurdle so I had been mentally preparing for it during the day. However, I found, as I prepared to give myself a good talking to, that I was still pretty focused and was not remotely interested in going back on the deal I have struck with my body.

OK so, Mrs Doyle was a bit insistent mid to late afternoon but this was:

a. I didn’t particularly like the thinnnies (more of this later)

b. I was a bit late getting my second thinnie

In addition, as the end of the work day approached, him indoors (despite saying he was going to be supportive) was saying things like ‘Are you sure we can’t have a glass of wine?’, ‘What about a curry?’ etc. but at this point, Mrs Doyle (remember – the junkie food terrorist) was curiously quiet and I heard myself saying ‘no, I don’t want any of that!’ Shocker! Instead of going straight home after work, we stopped off at a local trail and took the Dottie Dog for a walk and this really helped keeping the focus.


I had also promised myself the treat of reading a novel this evening and I was really looking forward to it. Sadly, I didn’t really get to it because himself and the Dottie Dog were playing with the squeaky toy for what felt like hours (and yes a headache did start to manifest itself) and then every time I tried to settle into it, once the incessant squeaking stopped, I was asked a question but you know, it didn’t matter. The promise to myself earlier in the day was the most important thing, the fact that I didn’t really get to do it, wasn’t really a big deal. To be honest, I was struggling to keep my eyes open past about 21.30 and I was definitely in snooze land by 22.15!

So, I made it through the first working week and I am giving myself a pat on the back for that and I definitely feel better generally  – energy levels are staying higher for longer but…. the arthritis is not yet feeling any better, well the pain in the joints bit anyway. I think I will need to lose a lot of weight before I see any improvement in that, as research (and I will look the details up for another post) is showing that fat cells produce chemicals which encourage the sort of arthritis I have to thrive and I have a long way to go before I have reduced them enough to have any significant effect.

Quick Review of the Juices:

Anti Inflammatory Blend (Thickie or Smoothie) – Boy this one is green! It was delicious though, I am sure that is because it had pear and pineapple as the underpinning fruits. It also had ginger, celery and cucumber which are all well known anti inflammatory food – yum!

Rainbow Remedy (Thinnie or Juice)- This was OK. I can’t say I would be heading for this juice as a treat but it again had lots of anti inflammatory things including the infamous red cabbage so it will be back! It is noted for helping with arthritis but for those of you with colitis, it may be a life saver – watch Super Juice Me! The Movie and see the amazing effect it has on Jon Zorer.


Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.

Day 4 – Fail, Fail, Win

Today’s quote from the Journal goes like this:

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. 26 times I have been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” Michael JordanBroccoli

I had another one of those short days at work today – I got in at 22.30 and boy was it busy! I did manage to start with the official work a little later so me and the Dottie Dog got in a really good walk which included some power walking which got the old heart rate up and guess what – well at least for the first part of the day (up until about 19.00) I felt on top of the world – the Juicy High had arrived!

I do not help myself by putting in these stupidly long days but sometimes, that is life and it tempts fails. Sometimes though, it can’t be helped and today wasn’t one of the fails. I guess all that failing in the past is helping with the succeeding now and I have done a lot of failing so I have much to fall back on.


A good day though but the toughie is to come….Friday approaches.

Quick Review of the Juices:

Anti Oxidant King (Thickie or Smoothie) – This is very fruit based and includes berries but it does have spinach and beetroot in too. I use frozen berries which cools the smoothie and they keep most of their nutrients. This is really tasty and filling – love it!

Mineral Medicine (Thinnie or Juice)- A great green colour which hides the fact it has parsnip in it. This juice has lots of greens and also a bit of asparagus which has great minerals, is anti inflammatory and has anti oxidants. Hey – it also tastes really nice!


Note: If you haven’t caught the other posts, I am following the Super Juice Me! programme designed by Jason Vale. I am using both the book and the App and details can be found on . The thoughts on this blog are mine own.